Charge India is the first company in India who took vision to improve Electric Vehicle Charging infrastructure by manufacturing and supplying fastest Electric Vehicle chargers to meet customer expectation. We manufacture and supply all kinds of fast Electric Vehicle chargers for Buses, Cars and two-three wheeler and set up Electric Vehicle charging stations.

We have dedicated Research and Development center in Bengaluru customizing chargers and Electric Vehicle related products as per the Client's requirement.

Company derives its technology from European and Chinese market to manufacture in India keeping safety and quality of the equipment at priority.

We offer quality Hybrid AC Chargers compatible for both Cars and Bikes at the same time keeping hotels, apartments and business parks electrified for the visitors. 

For fast DC chargers, we offer business model for both Fleet Electrification (B2B) and Inter-City Retail EV Charging (B2C). 

Charge India manufactures fast charger such as BHARAT-AC001 and DC001 (ACDCChargers) with CCS2, GB/T, TYPE2, CHADEMO with power capacity of 15KW, 50KW, 80KW, 120KW, 150KW, 180KW and 240KW.


As an ISO certified company, we make sure that our quality standard matches the demand with keeping safety at priority.